Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Dude, where's my blog?

Yesterday I started a groupblog for the Shared Lobotomy project, but today the dang thing doesn't exist. I guess maybe that explains why Dave couldn't log onto it. I'll take another stab at making such a thing. The idea of using a blog for some Traveller solo adventuring still is nagging at me. Captain's Blog for a little free trader hopping around the Spinward Main. Or the diary of a space hitchhiker, making his way through Charted Space on 40 credits a day. Or a scout mapping out a new frontier, using randomly generated subsectors. Just regular joes putzing around in outer space. I remember back when Star Trek: the Next Generation was hot and Shatner & crew were still making movies. My Uncle Jim, who was very influential upon me in my youth, once told me that he would clean the toliets on the Enterprise just to get a chance to go into outer space. That sentiment has remained with me. I think it goes far to explain why Traveller struck a nerve when I discovered the Far Future reprints back around '99. The average Traveller PC is just that, average. They're regular folks who happen to have the wonderful luck to live in a futuristic society in which some small percentage of humanity lives and works among the stars: ordinary people living extraordinary lives.