Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Time To Get Serious... ?

I've been approached by another fella who is interested in partnering up and taking the plunge into game publishing. We're talking maybe PDFs using the OGL and various OGL-like structures. I've had thoughts along these lines for quite some time, even moreso since I started checking out the sorts of things for sale at RPGnow. A good idea executed in 6 to 12 pages seems to be worth about a buck a copy to the PDF-buying public. I think there's a lot of smallish projects I could do, particularly using things like the anime SRD from Guardians of Order.

If I do get into the game biz, even in this small way, I will have to make some changes. At least some of my actual play will need to support whatever project I am working on. The 6 Islands Campaign would either need to be put on indefinte hiatus, scrapped or reworked as a viable commercial product. This blog will either need to directly support my game-writing or move down the priority list. In general, I will need to exercise more self-discipline. Less screwing around on the computer, more actual writing. Still, anticipation of the sense of accomplishment of writing and publishing even a tiny contribution to the hobby really electrifies me.