Saturday, November 06, 2004

Took the RPGnow Plunge

Last night I purchased some PDFs from RPGnow. I had downloaded a freebie from them before, Tri-Stat dX, IIRC, but this was the first time paying them actual US currency for some of their game-oriented electrons. I picked up the Mecha SRD Extreme, which I've had my eye on for a long time. So far looks real good. Also nabbed OGL-Fantasy Lite, which seems to cover similar ground as the forthcoming Castles & Crusades hardbound. May end up with both. The other two items were secondary to me. For Pat I grabbed the Gun Priest class for d20 Modern. And then there's Glinda of Oz. That last one is a bit of a weirdie. It takes the entire text for a presumably public domain Frank Baum story, adds some modern fantasy style illos (Glenda the Good Witch has quite a rack on her), and then stats out the principal characters and magic items for d20. I thought it was an interesting concept for a product. And besides, it was on sale.