Monday, November 15, 2004

Managing Commitments

Tonight I'm blowing off the Monday boardgaming with the grognards. As much I enjoy getting together with them, I need to stay home tonight. Two consecutive nights out late is not good for me and it certainly doesn't endear me to my wife, especially when I need to replace the pump on the hallway bathroom's toilet. I hate to fink out on the Monday crew, but they can play without me. They've gotten by for years without my presence.

If I get a chance I plan to start cranking out char sheets for my Jack the Ripper scenario. I'm going to try making them with a little programn called Byakhee. My plan is to do a PC or major NPC each day for a week, just to see if I can keep up that pace. If I'm going to be a real honest-to-Grodd game author, I need to start practing some writing discipline.