Sunday, November 21, 2004

This sort of thing pisses me off

Rant time. I was watching a program entitled VH1's 100 Least Metal Moments or something like that. Christ, this sort of stuff really gets under my skin. A bunch of has-beens ragging on other artists because someone once violated one of the unwritten laws of their precious musical genre. Guess what, assholes? Those are unwritten laws for a reason. True artists aren't confined by genre. They're too busy creating genres so that second rate hacks like you have some material to work with. Oh NOES! Kiss once released a disco album! We must ridicule! Fuck you, dillweed! I just added Dynasty to my Amazon wishlist because I feel confident that if you hate it there must be some good tracks on it! Oh NOES! Ozzy did a Pepsi commercial with the Osmonds! What a sellout! Frankly, I intend to sell out early and often if I ever get the opportunity. And guess what? If you ever scored a record deal with a major label or if you ever worked for MTV (I'm looking at you, Rikki Ratman) then you already fucking sold out! Duh!

Maybe I'm not a truefan. To me good metal is just good rock'n'roll with an occasionaly battleaxe on the album cover. This is a problem I am always having. I don't give a crap what they label it. It's still rock'n'roll to me.