Monday, November 08, 2004

Got a bad case of the eBays

Back in the eBay scene. Some of it I can write off (mentally, if not on my taxes) as needed for this crazy business endeavor. That doesn't explain away my recently acquired Dork20 deck, but I ought to be able to use it with BESM d20. Although the lamish humour and Kovalic illos may grate on my nerves eventually, I still like this product. But then, I've always had a soft spot in my heart for cards as an rpg element. That's one of the reasons why I dig Savage Worlds. Heck, I'd probably already own the SW Adventure Deck if it wasn't an electronic product. Of course the moment I get my hands on Dork20 Pinnacle has to go and finally release the d20 version of their deck. RPGnow also sells a couple of other decks, The Hand of Fate and its stand-alone supplement The Random Megacore Hero Card Set #1 (terrible product name, BTW) and the significantly weirder Imago Deck.

In terms of pure eBay indulgence, the big one right now is an old issue of Different Worlds that has a Traveller article I've been dying to get. Although the universe of available Traveller materials is vasty indeed, I really onlyeed a few more pieces to fill out the list of what I want for the game. And this DW article is one of those handful of items. Also on the list are The Traveller Campaign, The Traveller Adventure, GURPS Aliens, GURPS Traveller Aliens 4 and Starter Traveller. Past those five it all depends on whether I'm in my Spinward Marches mood or my Burgess Shale (for more on that also see here) mood. There's a million interesting things to be done with Traveller, but not all of them have to be set in GDW's Charted Space setting.