Monday, February 27, 2012

You know who can drink like the devil himself?

Lemmikaïnen the Elf, that's who.  After today's expedition under Dundagel the rest of the party departed for their various home universes.  (Ba Chim the Landsknecht-Elf and his henchwoman, Radomir the Antichrist and shield-bearer, Subarau o' the Rags and his dog, Rotgut.  I think got that all right.  Can't find my note.)  Lemmikaïnen strolled into the Abbey guesthouse and plonked down 200 gold for some carousing fun.  His save versus poison to avoid embarassment was a natural '20', so he doesn't let slip anything about the expedition during the next couple of days worth of drunken hellraising.

Thus everyone else at the guesthouse somehow ends up with the impression that Lemmikaïnen is both the life of the party and a big ol' party pooper at the same time.