Sunday, February 05, 2012

List of available AD&D modules

Okay, so Wizards is reprinting the original AD&D corebooks, right?  Cross our fingers that somebody who isn't already neck-deep in the hobby buys them and wants to run a game.  They may want a module.  Hopefully the hobby store owners are trying to get some modules to put on the shelf next to these books.  And hopefully any old school publisher with a garage full of modules is bugging the crap out of distributors and stores to stock their stuff.  But we can't count on that.  That's why I spent a couple of hours yesterday composing the list linked above.

For the next step, I need the help of everyone reading this: spread the word.  Go to your blog, message board or social media site and share the link.  Explain in your own words that it's a list of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons modules for people just getting back into the game.  Please DO NOT link back here or mention my name or the name of my blog.  Ask anybody reading your message to pass it on.  If enough people do this then maybe when one of these new/returning folks hits up google for module help they will find one of these links.  This is an opportunity for everyone already in the hobby to do a solid for people heading our way in April.

Finally, please read the second page of the linked file (see tab at bottom) before you edit it.