Thursday, February 09, 2012

brief Caves of Myrddin update

You know that one dragon that comes up from time to time in casual conversation in my campaign?  Last night my game store group used Vortullak the Untamed's map to reach its lair.  When do-or-die time came Lankii the Elf was holding a musty old scroll containing a twelfth level spell from the bygone Arduinian Age of Mankind in his hand.  The end result is that the party isn't sure where the dragon is now.  It's either lost in Outer Space or banished to one of the 21 Arduinian Hells.  Either way, they brought back their encumbrance limits in gems, jewels, magic items and platinum pieces.  Then they went back and brought out more platinum and some gold.

Just to be clear: there's still plenty of death and treasure in that dungeon.  Heck, the group last night didn't even finish bringing up the entirety of the dragon's hoard!

Very Important Item: Due to my class schedule this semester I am switching the Caves of Myrddin Google+ game to Monday mornings instead of Friday.  If you are available for some FLAILSNAILS type D&D from 4:30 to 6:30AM CST, then shoot me a gmail and I will add you to the player list.  Jrients at the Gmail to the dottity com.