Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What is going on here?

As reported previously the totally legitimate journalistic venue that is Jeff's Gameblog will be sending a reporter (i.e. me) to cover Gen Con this year. Today I decided to do a little research on the exhibitors, so I would know where to go to get to the Old School Renaissance Group booth and to see if any other exhibitor might interest me. Here's the map and exhibitor list I found.

You know what is bugging me about that list? More than half of the exhibitors don't have anything listed for a website. These people need to get with the program. If you think you're big time enough to go to Gen Con, get yourself a dang website.  I shouldn't have to hunt down info on your company, for crying out loud.  (And if you sent Gen Con a company URL when you signed up but it's not listed, get them to correct the file.)

PS - If any Gameblog readers are going to Gen Con and maybe want to meet up for lunch that Saturday, let me know.  At this stage I literally have no plans beyond pestering whoever is running the OSR Group booth followed by wandering aimlessly about, mouth agape like a slack-jawed yokel.

Edit: I just remembered one other booth I need to stop at.  Inkwell Ideas.  That guy is awesome.