Thursday, June 09, 2011

Haunted Towers

Old towers are not quite as popular adventure sites as stinky subterranean tunnels, but they have there place in most campaigns.  In the molden days tower modules included The Ghost Tower of Inverness tournament module, as well as some options from Judges Guild.  Lara's Tower and The Tower of Indomitable Circumstances seem to come from the same la-la land from which all the weirdest JG stuff emerged.  Indomitable has a great premise: a junior god is testing the party to see if they would make good apostles.  If they survive their reward is being shanghaied into a new religion.  The tower attached to Tegel Manor is pretty good, as I recall.  I've got a copy of JG's Dark Tower around here, but I don't think I've actually read it.

So on my Wessex map I've got a mysterious Tower of the Red King that I really need to flesh out.  The magical and sinister Red King rules a tiny island just off the coast.  So here are my questions for you nice folk:

1) In your experience, what is the best map of a tower you've seen in a fantasy rpg product?

2) What tower-based adventure have you seen that takes best advantage of the tower's shape and height?  Just cramming a dungeon into a small outline and going up instead of down seems like lazy design.

But then again I'm looking for stuff to rip off, so I can't knock lazy design too hard.