Monday, June 27, 2011

check out this crazy hag!

That's a Meargh, the sterile matriarch of a clan of Fimir, the beaked, cycloptic, reptilian giants of early Warhammer Fantasy Battles and WFRP.  I didn't really know these weirdos existed until I read a mention of them here.  A few minutes of research revealed that they were intended to be the WFRP equivalent of Runequest's Broo, a signature "Holy crap! That's messed up!" critter, if you will.  The Meargh is the only female Fimir in the clan, so this race reproduces by impregnating human females.  Like I said, messed up.  One of the notions in the back of my head for my Wessex campaign is that human expansion is causing an extinction level crisis in monsterdom, so I may use just one sad, lonely Meargh, all the menfolk of her race long gone.