Tuesday, June 21, 2011

need a campaign map?

The board from the old Task Force game City States of Arklyrell would do the trick nicely.  Dig it:

I don't actually own this game.  Every few months or so I search through boardgamegeek.com for cool maps.  Anyway, here are some reasons to like this map:
  • The hexes are numbered, which is the key to stocking a wilderness sandbox.
  • Look at all those opportunities for seagoing adventure!
  • Check out those light blue land hexes with the squat buildings on them.  The key says the magic item chits start there.  Those are the most famous dungeons/ruins in the realm.
  • Roc's nets are marked on the map!  That's fantastic!  That's an instant hook for the campaign world right there: everyone lives in the shadows of these giant flying predators.  In Basic/Expert D&D rocs grow up to 36 hit dice in size, way bigger than most monsters.  Even dragons skulk about when B/X rocs are on the hunt.
Given that the whole map sits between the Frozen North and Scorching South, you'd probably want to use a scale larger than 1 hex equals 5 miles.