Thursday, March 16, 2006

Some of you might be familiar with RPGnetter and blogger Random Goblin. Yesterday his wife gave birth to their first child. It did not go smoothly. Baby Oliver had to be delivered by unplanned caesarian and whisked away to a Special Care Unit, where he is expected to stay for at least a week to recover. Mother Katy will be in the hospital at least a few more days as well.

Many gamers I've encountered over the years are pretty jaded about organized religion. I can be one of them. But if there is a time in life for a little prayer, a friend in this kind of tight spot is one of those times. Maybe you can find it in your heart to say one for Oliver, Katy, & the Goblin, too. At the U once I had a crusty old lefty professor tell me "Religion may be the opiate of the people, but sometimes you need the opium!"