Saturday, March 04, 2006

Freemasonry d20

A while back I mentioned a PDF house called Silven Publishing in connection to a review of a cute little evocation spellbook entitled 50 New Ways to Blow Things Up. According to the review eight buck buys you 50 cute evocations spells for your wizard or sorcerer types to unleash on the DM's pets. I haven't bought a copy yet because my cutoff for impulse purchase elctrons is around five bucks. Maybe if I was playing an arcane caster in a campaign with a cooperative GM I'd be more inclined to spend the dough.

Anyway, later this month these Silven people plan to release a new product called Secret Societies. Its a d20 book with prestige classes and an overview of how secret societies work, but it also contains detailed information on 6 real-world cryptic organizations: the Thule Society, Aum Shinrikyo, the Mossad, the Assassins, the Knights Templar, and the Freemasons! Cover price for this book is twelve bucks, with a dollar off for pre-orders. I must say I'm tempted to get this just to see what author Landon Winkler has to say about the Lodge.