Saturday, March 25, 2006

[External Memory] WW1 Flying Ace games

External Memory is my friend Pat's term for when I use this blog as my personal notepad. Sometimes I put stuff here, like links and junk, just so I won't lose them. I suppose that would make sense if I didn't already have 600+ posts to sift through. Anyway, I've decided to start flagging these sorts of posts so that you can ignore them more easily if you so desire. Just so I don't bore regular readers to tears (hi, Mom!) I'll put something else up on any day I do this.

World War I dogfighting games

Fight in the Skies/Dawn Patrol - TSR (I still say this was the first roleplaying game)
Richthofen's War - Avalon Hill (my brother-in-law played this one when it came out)
Aces High - 3W
The American Aces - 3W (sequel to Aces High or vice versa?)
Wings - Excalibre Games
Jump Or Burn - Piquet
Blue Max - GDW (Steffan O'Sullivan says to get the 1st edition, with the cream & tan cover.)
Ace of Aces - Nova (was this the booklet driven one?)
Hostile Aircraft - ?
Aerodrome - minis rules
Canvas Eagles - free minis rules
Knights of the Air - AH, piblished after Richthofen's War
Luftschiff - Sierra Madre (and expansion Riesenflugzeugabteilungen!) Zeppelin oriented?
Red Baron - from Wargamer #48
Wings Over France - Lambourne Games (operational level)
Dogfight - ?
Zeppelin! - S&T#159
Wings of War series - Fantasy Flight Games (looks sharp!)

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  1. Anonymous12:20 PM

    I recall playing a play-test version of Wing over France, such beautiful mechanics and brilliant game at that.

    Not sure whether it is a good or a bad thing their products have low production values and are hard to find in the shops