Monday, March 20, 2006

I Ain't Been Shot, Mum

A fellow by the name of Daron Patton recently reviewed a new set of WW2 minis rules called I Ain't Been Shot, Mum, published by Two Fat Lardies. That's the name of the game company. Patton describes the game as card-driven, with good limited information rules, and possessing that friendly spirit I like in historical wargames. In addition to I Ain't Been Shot, the Two Fat Lardies have some other wargames they'll sell you. Bag the Hun does the Battle of Britain with "dogfighting rules that do not need car aerials or aeronautical qualifications". If The Lord Spares Us brings you World War 1 in the Middle East, including "camels, arab war bands, sweeping cavalry attacks, opposed beach landings, massed machine guns, gas attacks, tanks, armoued cars, fighting in the mirage, water shortages, trench assaults, river gunboats - and enough command and control dilemmas to test the most cunning Pasha". I'm tempted to get their Napoleonic naval rules, Kiss Me Hardy, to see if their card-based mechanics can be of use in spaceship fighting. All their prices are in pounds, so I'm not exactly sure how many dollars americano I need to give these guys to get the game.


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  2. try

    curretly 1 pound is aboot $1.75

    note: forgot to close my brackets first time