Friday, March 24, 2006

Let me tell you about my character...

A couple weeks ago Zachary over at RPG Blog reported on an interesting contest. Miniatures outfit Magnificent Egos is looking for short character descriptions to turn into figures. You can read the rules of the contest here. I took this contest as an opportunity to tell these poor bastards about one of my favorite PCs, Lord Munge.
Lord Munge, the gentleman half-orc, lacks the impressive size and musculature so common to his race. The bastard sword strapped across his back via a shoulder-to-hip baldric looks far too big for this fellow of only average physical stature. Munge's broad face reveals his orcish parentage: tusks adorn his wicked grin, his nose is upturned at a slightly piggish angle, and his beady little eyes display both intelligence and malevolence. His neatly coiffed hair is tightly pulled back into a short ponytail, tied with a cute little ribbon. Munge's clothing consists of a puffy and frilly laced shirt, rough leather pants with thick stitchwork along the seams, and swashbuckler boots left over from his pirating days. At his broad belt can be found a wavy-bladed dagger and such an array of pouches, vials, and scroll tubes that even a superhero might be jealous of the utility of it all. Clutched in Lord Munge's hands is his weapon of choice, an enruned arquebus. His stance reveals his total confidence that all the world's challenges can be dealt with using his own unique blend of quick wits and utter ruthlessness.
The contest ends March 31st, so get those entries in!

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  1. Say, that's pretty good! Best of luck with the contest! I'm still struggling with my entry. I want to write up a bard (I play a lot of bards)but aren't quite sure what concept or former character to go with yet. Better get crackin'!