Sunday, March 19, 2006

Oh, yeah.

I had forgotten that I have an account over at Uploadit. Here's a picture of my daughter and I from 2004 that I had stored there. My sister Jenn and I were playing Carcassonne at our parents' house when little Elizabeth decided to join us. Jenn had her camera handy and snapped a quick pic.

Ain't she a cutey?

So anyway, if any folks reading this blog were the least bit curious what I looked like now you know. Elizabeth has grown considerably but she's still just as adorable. And I like how the table conveniently conceals my enormous belly. Yes, I am a typical fat gamer guy. But I shower and I don't live in my mom's basement, so one out of three ain't bad.


  1. It´s all about pictures these days...

  2. Anonymous10:01 AM

    does this set a trend for gamers to come out of the proverbial closet and reveal themselves as being normal people?


  3. Well, I think Jeff´s daughter has won my heart.
    The pundit still is a mystery though...but who knows?
    @Lawbaga: I assume your new avatar is you too?

  4. "Well, I think Jeff´s daughter has won my heart."

    Me too!

  5. Today I painted my son´s room. He is expected to be born in May. Big moment for me. One miscarriage already happened, so you never know.
    You might understand, I thought. Strangely all my buddies are nowhere near to multiply.

  6. Congratulations on your immanent fatherhood. It seems like I can't turn around these days without bumping into another gamer/parent.

  7. Anonymous3:01 AM

    ha ha

    no my new avatar is not me, just thought it seemed appropriate.

    my daughter is aged 3, and my wife is due to give birth in june to daughter no. 2.

    generally Im scared of posting any real pictures of me or my family, so hats off to Jeff for showing us his smile and lovely daughter!


  8. Great pic! It's good of you and Elizabeth always takes a good picture!

  9. "generally Im scared of posting any real pictures of me or my family, so hats off to Jeff for showing us his smile and lovely daughter!"

    Meh. Given my line of work I figure I'm much more likely to meet a psycho professionally rather than on teh intarweb.

  10. Hey! My daughter is cut out of the shot! Curse you, uploadit!