Tuesday, March 28, 2006

[External Memory] Franco-Prussian War stuff

Minis Rules

They Died For Glory
In the Age of Bismarck and Napoleon III
Days of Iron (15mm, free)
Fire & Fury Francese (free adaptation of Fire & Fury)
Warmaster: Franco-Prussian (one page chart adaptation for GW's Warmaster)
GodFox Enterprises (defunct?) published some sort of minis rules, title unknown
Grande Bataille/Grande Victoire

Minis Rules covering a broad period, including the FPW

Armchair Generals (free)
Little Battles (free)
Fields of Honor (Shane Hensley)
Fix Bayonets!
Volley & Bayonet (Chadwick & Novak)
Command Piquet
Hallowed Ground (Piquet)
19th Century Principles of War - Version II


Silver Eagle Wargames Supplies - carries the UK-based Irregular lines (15mm, 6mm, 2mm, some rules, spaceships)
Old Glory (15mm)
Minifigs (15mm)
Noble Miniatures (10mm)
Arsenal selling Pendraken (10mm)

retailer of books on the period
a replay of several battles in 6mm
L'Aigle Foudroyé, board wargame published in Vae Victis #38, English translation
La Campagne de Loire, board wargame published in Vae Victis #14, English translation
Franco-Prussian War (SPI)
Franco-Prussian War, S&T#149
painting guides for sale
Irregular brand 6mms in use
"The Mitrailleuse in the Franco-Prussian War",Wargames Illustrated #83, 2 pages

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