Thursday, March 02, 2006

Fantasy art used to be somewhat subtler

Among the things scheduled for a March release from Troll Lord Games is Gary Gygax's Living the Legend. Why he continues to crank out more Lejendary Adventure stuff is beyond me. Give us Castle Greyhawk, dammit! Some of us have only been waiting 3 decades now! Anyway, here's the cover art to this new book:
Now I will readily admit to having a dirty mind, but I can't be the only person who looks at this cover and sees an adventurer setting a giant white penis on fire. Back in the day they would put a dragon on the cover of something like this and assume the audience was bright enough to understand that dragon = dick.


  1. Zweihander6:35 PM

    Call me oblivious, but I didn't even know that much old game art had phallic/sexual undertones.

  2. Much of the hobby has a sexual subtext if you're the kind of person who goes looking for these things. The name "Dungeons & Dragons" is functionally equivalent to "rock 'n' roll", for instance.