Tuesday, June 21, 2005

An Unsettling Series of Discoveries

In my recent web researches into Micro-Heroes and obscure comic characters I happened upon the Marvel Villains Lounge, a repository of information on bad guys from Marvel comics. So of course I started flipping through their alphabetical listings of bounders and miscreants. I was rather startled to disover Abdul Alhazred was listed among Marveldom's villainry, as he is the author of that blasphemous tome called the Al-Azif, also known as the Necronomicon. The Mad Arab (as he is often known) made his debut in Marvel comics back in 1978, in issue number 15 of Tarzan's comic. I was expecting a first appearance in one of the various Conan books, but the King of the Jungle is a respectable opponent for such a one. The truly freakish part about Alhazrad's entry in the Marvel Villains Lounge occurs on the last line of the page, where it lists the Mad Arab's arch-enemy as Wolverine. Fucking Wolverine. I like ol' Logan as much as the next guy, but this sort of thing just creeps my ass out. Who came up with the idea that Wolverine needed to fight the insaner Mary Sue of the Lovecraft Mythos?

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