Friday, June 03, 2005

Darius Solluman Explains Nobilis Combat

Combat in Nobilis works as follows:

A) People act in Aspect order.
B) People have a Miraculuos and a Mundane action.
C) When Miracles directly conflict, highest Miracle level wins (thus why you can artifically inflate a Miracle's level).
D) When Miracles indirectly conflict, both work to their fullest extent; in aspects where they partially conflict, the higher level miracle tends to win out (this is likely the most fiaty-element of conflict).
E) When a Miracle would directly harm a Noble, it must have Penetration equal to the Noble's Spirit to penetrate the Auto-thingy.
F) Miracles must be of at least Level X to deal a Deadly Wound; Y to deal a Significant Wound, and Z to deal a Surface Wound. Gifts like Durant increase those levels (and Immortal makes them basically irrelevant).
G) Mundane Actions have a 'miracle equivelent' level, based on what tools you might be using. (This is a bit fiaty, but examples of various levels of tools is provided). Any Miraculous Action trumps a Mundane Action.

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