Friday, June 10, 2005

An Item of Note

The Lesser Tome of Farinus

The exterior of this work is red dragonskin hidden underneath a thick layer of encrusted earth. The first fifteen pages of the book are wizard spells listed below. The dirt on these first fisteen pages adds one to the DC of any Spellcraft checks involving copying spells or using the Lesser Tome as a "borrowed spellbook". The next ten pages after the spells are blank. The remaining seventy five pages are partial notes penned by the wizard Farinus during his horrible experiments in the creation of bizarre new monsters. This book is called the Lesser Tome because Farinus undoubtedly had a more complete spellbook and perhaps better records for some of his vile experiments. Resale value: 750gp as a spellbook, perhaps this Tome would be worth more to someone interested in Farinus's efforts in monster creation.

0th Level
detect magic
ghost sound
touch of fatigue

1st Level
burning hands
cause fear
comprehend languages
endure elements
obscuring mist
protection from chaos
protection from evil
protection from good
protection from law

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