Monday, June 27, 2005

Rabbi: Hitler was right!

Lapin took that spat one step further in an essay that ran in the Orthodox paper the Jewish Press in January. He complained that Jewish leaders criticized Gibson but ignored Jews such as Howard Stern and the producers of "Meet the Fockers" who were "debasing the culture." He then quoted a section of "Mein Kampf" in which Hitler denounces the "horrible trash" produced by Jewish entertainers in Weimar Germany. Hitler was an "evil megalomaniac," Lapin writes, but what he was saying was "obvious and inescapable."

From page three of a Washington Post article entitled "The Republicans' Rabbi-in-Arms". Stern's Jewish? I had no clue? Meet the Fockers is just as important a statement about Jewish/Christian relations as Gibson's Passion? I had no fucking idea that a shitty sequel to a shitty comedy was that damn important.

I think this blog's official position vis-a-vis Hitler and Nazis in general is pretty well established at this point. Just in case you are here for the first time, let me sum up: Hitler does not get credit for any good ideas. He lost that priviledge due to that whole Holocaust thing. The moment you say "But Hitler was on the money when he [fill in the blank]" then you have lost all credibility.

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