Sunday, June 12, 2005

That Time Again?

I'm thinking it's time for me to start organizing another one shot of some sort. I just sort of got a hankering, you know? Now I just have to answer the big questions: who, what, and when. When would probably be no earlier than mid-July or so. The other two are much harder to answer. In the last couple of years the number of local gamers I know has doubled or so. On my short short list are Kathleen and Josh, Hank Woolsey (who I've only gamed with at Winter War), and RPGnetters Thornhammer and BethDragon. But the longer short list includes a bunch of people from the Pancake Hut Gang, all the members of my current D&D and MnM groups, my sister, and Thom Hendricks. And as to what, the variety of RPGs at my disposal is vast and weird. I clearly want to try doing something with Nobilis again. This time maybe we won't try to integrate the play style of Pat & me with a trio of college-aged Buffy the Vampire Slayer players. And I still want to run that old Boot Hill module "The Taming of Brimstone" but use Savage Worlds to run it. I've still got a two-part Feng Shui adaption of some Ninja Hero material laying around here somewhere. And I've still got ideas for some Star Wars gaming. Then there's the metric assload of free indie games I've got laying around. I've never run most of them. And then there's indie gems, like the rpg Wuthering Heights, that demand to be run again. But then again, I'm not even sure an rpg session is what I want. A day of board and card games might be in order. Or maybe some boardgaming along the lines of Starmada, BattleTech, and Dawn Patrol. It's all just idle speculation at the moment, but if anybody has an opinion please let me know.


  1. Kathleen/Coeli7:31 PM

    A one-shot would be fun, as would getting together for other games.

    I still want to do a downstate Tangency meet this summer, though I've been lax about planning. My most recent thought was a picnic in August. Perhaps we ought to include some games in the plan. (This is in no way meant to replace your idea, just thought I'd toss it out here before posting it to Tang.)

  2. Your idea sounds cool too. Have you thought about a venue for the picnic? I like Lake of the Woods in Mahomet.

  3. kathleen2:28 AM

    Hadn't gotten that far yet. I've never been to Lake of the Woods, but it sounds nice.

  4. Lake of the Woods also has some pavilion buildings you can rent, if you're planning gaming + picnic.