Thursday, June 30, 2005

Obit: Real World RPG Character

Supermodel bounty hunter found dead

By Chris Ayres

30-06-2005 From: The Australian

Tragic ... lesbian bounty hunter Domino Harvey

She was the daughter of a famous actor, became a supermodel in New York and then a socialite in Beverly Hills. She even inspired a Hollywood movie. For British-born Domino Harvey, however, beauty, wealth and stardom went horribly wrong. When pulled out of a bath in West Hollywood on Monday night, presumed drowned, she was facing life in jail on charges of drug dealing, crossing state lines for unlawful activity and having property that was used in or obtained through criminal activity. The charges, filed in the city of Gulfport, Mississippi, were the result of a bizarre change in career for Harvey, who was 35 at the time of her death. The former catwalk star and daughter of Oscar-nominated Laurence Harvey had become a bounty hunter - a mercenary who hunted outlaws for the price on their heads. Lieutenant Don Mauldin, of West Hollywood Sheriff's station, said: "We got a call ... saying possibly a person had drowned in a bathtub. A friend or relative had called 911 from the house for paramedics. She was found in the bathtub." The Los Angeles coroner is expected to perform toxicology tests on the body to see if drugs were involved. "The hospital reported to us they suspected a drug overdose," a spokesman for the coroner said. Tony Scott, the action film director who decided to turn Harvey's career into a Hollywood blockbuster - starring Keira Knightley as Domino, with other parts taken by Christopher Walken, Mickey Rourke and Jacqueline Bisset - had already been forced to reshoot the ending to incorporate the charges against her. Now Scott may have to return to the editing room to include Harvey's tragic death. There will also be pressure to make the film truer to life and explain how she became a bounty hunter and accused drug dealer. In the film's trailer, which has already been released, Knightley fires a .50-calibre machinegun and says: "My name is Domino Harvey, I am ... a bounty hunter. What I say will determine whether or not I spend the rest of my life in prison." She recently said of the film: "I think the whole concept of the story, the whole idea of this girl who's from an extremely privileged background who completely turns her back on all of it and goes off on this wild path, is an extraordinary idea in itself." Harvey, a lesbian, had expressed disappointment she was portrayed as heterosexual in the film. Friends and family gathered in tears at her West Hollywood home yesterday. It is thought Harvey would have been forced to sell the property to pay the $US1million ($1.3million) bail in her drugs case. The Times

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