Monday, June 20, 2005

Isn't he cool?

Blue Streak
Ladies and gentlemen, please allow me to present Blue Streak, the disco-tastic roller-skating superhero and former member of the SHIELD Super Agents. This fellow is part of my Fantabulous Five project, so I have been searching all the internets trying to find a Micro-Hero for him. I finally gave up on finding him, since he's a very obscure character. So I made one myself. The Micro-Hero community has a wide variety of body, face, and hair templates available, making the task much easier. The tricky parts were adding the collar, the skates, and the difficult-to-see-from-this-angle blue lightning bolt effect down the sleeves and pants. You can check out the reference pictures I used here. Next task? Osprey, a character so obscure he appears in exactly one comic book: Fantastic Four #177. I haven't decided yet whether I'm gonna pony up the five bucks needed to buy a copy of FF #177, but the only reference shot I have for him at the moment is black and white. I have no idea what the proper color scheme for Osprey's costume might be. It might be fun to do my own color job and then buy the comic, just to see the difference between my vision and the original.

Also: I ordered the Wraeththu rpg from Amazon. Consider yourselvesd warned!


  1. I suppose I should start re-reading my Bill Burroughs,
    as he is my eternal source of two-fisted homoerotic
    combat action. (In response to Wall of Wraethulhu,
    not the discotasmic fellow.)

    Also, your Birthday Present walks the stars toward
    Earth, the firmament trembling with his every step.
    He Comes!

  2. I've seen the Lost Boys video from Duran-Duran, so that's almost as good as actually reading Burroughs, right?

  3. The Lost Boys?
    So we're gay vampires with penis-flowers?
    I call dibs on playing Corey Haim's
    Grandad then.

  4. Oh, yaeh. I meant Wild Boys.