Thursday, June 16, 2005

Games, Cartoons, and more Games

Tuesday night game night featured an older German game called Tikal. If I recall correctly had last played Tikal on Christmas day 1999 with the family of my then-fiancée now-wife. I was pleasantly surprised by how much of the gameplay I remembered. Unfortunately vague memories of how the game worked weren't enough to get a win, though I think I did respectably. We followed Tikal up with a round of the Bean Game. I came in second, probably from giving away too many cards again.

Yesterday we got a shipment in from including a bunch of DVDs and the Nazi-hating Hoover vacuum. The DVDs were all cartoons: a trio of Peanuts holiday specials, some more Superfriends, another disc full of Teen Titans, and the Clone Wars. My daughter isn't too enthused about watching the Star Wars cartoons. At the toystore yesterday she even objected to getting a plushie R2-D2 or the Droids cartoon. Have I failed as a parent? She does like playing with my precious Darth Vader action figure, so I guess she isn't a lost cause quite yet. Either way it looks like I'm going to have to watch Clone Wars on my own time. The trouble with that scheme is that, thanks to indulgent parents, Elizabeth monopolizes the TV when she is awake. That's okay. She likes the Superfriends, Teen Titans, and SpongeBob just as much as she enjoys Dora the Explorer, Hello Kitty or the Care Bears. But since Amy is no huge cartoon fan I let her choose the show after Elizabeth goes to bed. That leaves me with very little time to watch Clone Wars unless I make a special effort to get up in the morning before everyone else. And if I do that I need to watch some more Firefly episodes. I feel guilty over how long I've had that boxed set and I still haven't watched anything other than the pilot. I'm sure Kathleen and Josh didn't intend for me to hold onto their copy forever.

I'm still freaking out over the fact that Amazon has the Wraeththu rpg in stock. I certainly don't need to be spending money on a new rpg, especially one that has zero prospects among the local game scene. But dang it, I still want one.


  1. Kathleen10:15 PM

    We understand about Firefly. (It often takes us a long time to get around to watching something, and we don't have kids!) Watch and enjoy at your own pace, get it back to us eventually, and all's well.

  2. That's very kind of you. As it turns out I actually got to watch Clone Wars last night. When I finished putting Elizabeth to bed I came out of her room to discover that Amy had run to the grocery store. We were short on milk as usual. I popped in the Clone Wars figuring I could watch a couple episodes before Amy got home, but ended up watching the whole thing. It helps that she's a huge Star Wars fan. Though her reaction to the animation and all the exploding robots was "is this supposed to be Samurai Jack Wars or something?" Why yes, dear, it is. My favorite exchange of the night:

    Amy: Is that supposed to be Mace Windu?
    Me: Yes, and he is going to continue to kick ass.
    Amy: But he just lost his lightsabre.
    Me: That means all these droids are going to die.

    And they did. I can't wait to get the second installment on DVD.