Thursday, July 29, 2004

In Memoriam: Rondoo & Dante

I am shocked to report that only two characters bit the dust last night. Pat and Joe did a stellar job last night trying to fend of the Antish Horde so the rest of us could escape. Unfortunately, due to Rondoo's "Loyal" rating I couldn't take advantage of the opportunity. Sadly, my guy ended up as so much ant chow. Even worse, Count Dante was the other casualty. I feel bad about that. Joe didn't want to enter the lair of the Ants of Doom. He only sent his guy in to save me and Loren, so I'm at least partially to blame. I don't know Joe well enough yet to tell if he is pissed at me or not. Hopefully not. I like Joe and don't want there to be any bad blood between us. Dave read my blog entry in which I statted out Sir Hugh and okayed him as a replacement. Apparently I get to start with half the xp of my previous character, giving Sir Hugh 14xp. That's two advances! Nifty!

In lieu of pouring a forty on the curb, here's my three favorite stupid things I've said whilst playing Rondoo:

Upon my puny guy getting much too deep into a brawl: "I'm utterly fearless in the face of stupidity!"

When the aged Myron suggested that he and Rondoo practice fighting side by side: "What'll we call it, Old Man and Moron Fu?"

Teaming up with Myron last night: "Individually we are weak, but together we have the power of two weaklings!"