Wednesday, September 01, 2010

quick artifact book update & query

Work continues on the artifact book. Submissions are now officially closed. Sorry if you missed the window of opportunity!  It looks like the final work will have 40 artifactish magic items.  Two contributors included illos and I've got three more volunteer artists lined up.  Not every item will get an illustration, but plenty of them will. 

IMPORTANT: If you are the contributor who sent in the illo below and two others, please resend your text.  Somehow I ended up with the three pics and no item write-ups.  Please accept my apologies for this ineptitude and email me at jrients at gmail dot com.  Thanks for your cooperation.

(Man, I can't wait to find out the deal with this claw!)


  1. Jeff -- it was me with the pics. Sorry you didn't get the text. I'm sending it via email. I'm glad you like them. :)

    Wow! Word verification is "sentagn" which IS "sent again" The interwebs know what I'm doing and thinking...

  2. Oh no! The Dreaded Claw of Vecna!

  3. Jon H7:33 PM

    The Gloucester Claw of Buttering...

  4. The Cwa?
    No, the Cwa!
    Oh, the Cwa.

  5. Hey Jeff! Telecanter posted a link on my blog to an image he unearthed for possible use as an illo for one of my entries (The Clockwork Bird Of Muzza’im). Here's the link for your consideration for use in the book:

    Can't wait to see the final book once you're done with it, amigo!