Thursday, September 02, 2010

Arkham Horror

I played the Cthulhu Mythos themed boardgame Arkham Horror for the first time last night. I ended up leaving before the game was over and here is where my guy was when I got up from the table:

That's just beautiful.


  1. I approve of this image.

  2. It's a great game, but too long (I've even traded mine after more than a dozen plays).

    Nowadays I prefer "A Touch of Evil", another horror themed game.

  3. When I played it a couple of weeks ago I got stuck between the street area next to the hospital and the hospital itself. This was because of two monsters that my professor could not sneak past.

    Leave the hospital .....SMACK! .....Back to the hospital ..... Leave the hospital .....SMACK! .... Back to the hospital.

  4. Man, that's the status of, like, every one of my old COC RPG characters. I had a knack for not dying, not going insane, but somehow wandering into a dimensional portal or falling into one of the pits of hell.

  5. I wish I could get my hands on the rights of that game and give it the Awesome Edition it deserves.

    Just a few lil' tweaks man ... just a few lil' tweaks, and it would be awesome.