Friday, September 03, 2010

a not-so-subtle change

Remember those weird dual-pod vehicles flying around Cloud City in Empire Strikes Back?  They were giving Han hassle as he tried to come in for a landing and visit his ol' buddy Lando.  I think my cousin Greg had a toy version of one of these things back in the day.  Of course you could get an official pilot figure.  Dude looked like this:
I like the design on this figure.  White jumpsuits always come off as futuristic to me, especially when combined with those single lens goggles and the swept-back style helmet.  Maybe this guy doesn't scream Star Wars specifically, but he's definitely got a solid sci-fi vibe.

Last weekend I was at a Toys 'R' Us with my buddy Pat.  They had a new display of Star Wars toys with a new version of the Cloud Car Pilot.
Dig that moustachio!  Not only does this new version have more detail and articulation, but it looks like he could be played by Tom Selleck circa Magnum P.I. Watch this fall for Fox's new crime series Space Chicago PD


  1. indeed!
    except... sandals? that seems a bit, i dunno, sad :/

  2. Which brings this video to mind ...

  3. Nice.

    I'm glad they didn't replace his gun with a walky-talky.

    I wonder when they'll remake the first Star Wars... the 1977 one. I mean that half sarcastically, half-positively. If you can redo Star Trek with new actors playing Kirk and Spock (and I think Spocklar did a GREAT job, too), why not make a new "Star Wars" in, say, 2017, the 40th anniversary? Not as a parody, satire, camp, or anything like that, but as something which is as in-tune with 2017 as the original was with 1977?

  4. Both Star Wars and the small G.I.Joes have been released with greater detail and more articulation. The older figure has only 5-points of articulation, while the newer has 22 with removable helmet and usable holster. I seen an Imperial Engineer figure (the dark suit guys that fired the Death Star in the first movie) with a removable helmet. Its has a interesting face with a weak chin, as it was based on old photos of one of the actors. I rather enjoy figures like this, as I find such details really neat.

    The fist time I have seen figures so articulated, was someone's collection of the newer Japanese Microman (Micronauts) figures. They have over 30-points articulation, and interchangeable hands! This is an action figure buff's wet dream come true!

  5. Moustaches are back IN! YEAH!

  6. I had the cloud car toy. Still do, in fact. Passed it down to my son. Never had the pilot, though. (And haven’t been able to find my figures.)

    Yeah, I was pretty disappointed when the Star Wars figures didn’t have as many articulation points as my Micronauts did. Probably made a lot of sense though. The Micronauts didn’t have to look like characters from a movie.

    I wonder if their ability to do it today says more about changes in technology or the amount of money in the toy business. ^_^

  7. "I wonder if their ability to do it today says more about changes in technology or the amount of money in the toy business."

    Both, and a cheap, massive, head-working labor force in China. ;P

    Oh yeah, the newer Star Wars figures are made by the same folks that owns G.I.Joe and Dungeons & Dragons - Hasbro!

  8. Or that mailman guy on Cheers! If he weren't already Derlin, I mean.

  9. Being a certified, card-carrying Star Wars nerd (since '77 thank you very much) I've committed approximately 37% of my net income to Lucas. I just write him a check and four pints of O Positive every fiscal quarter and he sends me shit (convenient, actually).

    Anyway, I picked up the mustachioed pilot and the latest version of the ship (missiles!!!!) both are spiffy. I especially love the stinger-like mini pistol that Mark Spitz comes with. Though the phat ray blaster the original figure had was cooler. Also, I love orange.

    That is all.

  10. There actually was a science-fiction/police show called Space Precinct, done by Gerry Anderson (the same one who did Thunderbirds and Space 1999).

  11. I believe it's a nod to the original Bespin Guard figure, shown here: