Friday, September 03, 2010

Jason of Star Frontiers

Here's a pic of Star Command base and/or the Space Academy, from the post-Star Wars live action kiddie shows Jason of Star Command and Space Academy.  I remember really digging the Star Command version.

It's only a model.

That thing just oozes sci-fi goodness to me.  Now here's Jim Holloway's illo of the space pirate base from Warriors of White Light, the in-box starter module for Star Frontiers Knight Hawks.

Looks like more than a passing resemblance to me.  Not a direct swipe by any means, though I can't say I would have held it against Mr. Holloway to have done so.  Asteroid bases rule.

PS - I know it's not very good technically, but I'm immensely proud of this:


  1. I loved Jason of Star Command as a kid. I've bought the DVD set, but I haven't been able to bring myself to watch it--I guess I'm a bit afraid it won't hold up to my adult eyes.

  2. Don't ask where my laser is! ;P

  3. The eye patch--can it also do lasik?

    /here all week
    //asteroid bases are so money!

  4. I loved that show when I was a kid too! I bought the box set which also comes with Ark II and Space Academy.

  5. That was some funny $#!T. I loved that show when I was younger.

    @Trey: I've watched the DVD set. It's campy, but if you take it for what it is then it's watchable. For the first episode, they re-use the music composed for the Star Trek Animated Series. :)

    And as for the swipe, it's a pretty obvious one. I used to imagine the kinds of adventures you could have with an asteroid base like that (think: Space: 1999) and we actually had one in my Traveller campaign.