Friday, December 01, 2006

Quick WoAdWriMo Update

I'm working on a dedicated blog for World Adventure Writing Month. That will be a low impact affair, maybe once a week I'll drop off my thoughts on the upcoming writing frenzy. The first post ought to be up as soon as I figure out exactly what I want to say. EDIT: The first post is now up!

But more importantly that nifty guy Martin Rayla of Treasure Tables has agreed to host both a subforum and any downloads that result from the project. The aforementioned blog will be where I occasionally pontificate about the project, but TT will be the Official-type Home of WoAdWriMo.

Also, we have a third person in on the WoAdWriMo Challenge. Dave Hoover is now all-in with WoAdWriMo. Yay! Dave is a wicked cool guy and sort of a local GMing legend. He once ran a game in every single 4-hour slot at our local 3-day convention. Several people thought this was going to quite literally kill him. But he survived. He could barely speak a coherent sentence at the end of the weekend, but he survived.