Wednesday, November 29, 2006

June is Worldwide Adventure Writing Month

Let's do this thing. I picked the month of June out of the air. NaNoWriMo sets its arbitrary goal at 50,000 words. Do we want some sort of similar goal. Can an industry professional tell us how big adventure modules range? Even just a single yardstick ('The Keep on the Borderlands is X words long.') would be helpful.

Other things we probably need:

a nifty graphic
a website of somekind, maybe? a forum? a group livejournal? I dunno.
a place to host completed modules (TheRPGsite Companion could work.)
a list of places to send press releases, forums to notify, etc.
enthused people spreading the word

Stuart has already committed to writing a D&D adventure module. I'm going to write an adventure for something. Who else is in? What am I not thinking of?