Thursday, November 09, 2006

Free words for the taking

Every once in a while I rummage through old files on the harddrive on my computer at home. It's kinda neat. I found some stuff from the earliest phases of my current D&D campaign, such as stats for a half-dragon monstrous spider and the first four members of the Red Claw Cult the PCs encountered. I had forgotten that I had gone to the trouble of giving individual names and equipment to four first level warriors. Nowadays not even hill giants with 10 levels of barbarian warrant assigning a name; they're too disposable. I also found a list of faux words constructed by pulling apart English words and randomly reassembling their components. I almost certainly got these words from Chris Pound's awesome name generators page. Here's the list, if you're interested:
inreng, bipe, jitt, jashive, liveness, maiss, unless, unine, neth, fow, klozz, yeatchment, boyp, yaiben, tow, jip, yigeing, exline, deure, can, si, nupation, li, tip, cuspition, yotade, muffable, thoxin, inage, unell, incosh, que, fowff, thege, soubive, russing, le, chiss, kleaff, exyatt, wip, the, rasc, despep, gowshness, caw, girotion, exete, reeze, paw, dekloll, sux, chate, mottab, statt, liex, li, qui, theme, sciche, reep, chowp, lipetion, di, ineme, rejen, dattam, theng, socotion, gixill, cer, klailfing, tipition, keith, hexeme
I think it's neat that several real words came out of the blender.