Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Don't forget...

Today is National Throw the Fuckers* Out Day! Vote early! If you live in the greater Chicago area, don't forget to vote often!

Also, stock up on liquor. If the election is stolen (*cough*again*cough*) I recommend that we all booze up and riot.

Funnily enough, I voted for more Republicans than ever this year. But that's only because state politics in Illinois are so utterly corrupt that I can't bring myself to vote for some incumbents no matter what their party affiliation. Also, the two local candidates I selected based solely on actual qualifications happen to be Repubs. Crazy, I know.

*The word choice here was actually a source of some consideration. "Bums" is traditional, but didn't seem strong enough. I considered "bastards", but since I'm adopted and the probability that I was born a bastard is absurdly high, I don't usually go with that one unless I'm being ironic. "Fuckers" was my third choice. As I type this I'm thinking maybe I should have gone with "assholes". I dunno.