Saturday, November 18, 2006

I don't mean to brag...

...but my readers are totally awesome. You folks never fail to amaze me, whether it's fabulous designers like S. John and Mearls, fellow bloggers like Zachary and the Evil DM, or regular joe gamer types like Doug and Rich. (I really shouldn't name names like that because I'm omitting a huge number of equally rocking people.) The comments you all leave are always fun and insightful. I started this blog to hear myself talk, but my readers make the experience so much richer.

And every once in a while one of you sends me a gift, which always blows my mind. Today in the mail I got this:

I am totally rocking out right now.Awesome dude horrox sent me this Vargr-themed heavy metal CD! Hot damn this stuff is rad! And don't get me wrong here. This isn't a case of putting some shit on the cover because it looks cool. The lyrics namecheck the Spinward Marches, the Imperial Navy, and assloads of other Trav setting fluff. These Weird Lord Slough Feg guys are cool. I had heard of them because the one and only Erol Otus had done a couple covers for them a while back, but this is first time I got to experience the Slough Feg sound. And I like what I'm hearing. The strings are full of pomp and the vocals aren't all gravelly like so many metal acts I hear nowadays. What did Dave Hoover call that sound? The Grover Voice, maybe? Rather than do that, lead singer Mike Scalzi actually, you know, sings.

Anyhoo, thanks again to horrox for the CD and the rest of you for making me love doing this blog thing. Don't ever stop being rad.