Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Silver Lining of Undead Cheesecake

While I was less than thrilled over the recent theRPGsite/RPGnet forum drama (If you don't know, do NOT ask. Seriously.), one good thing came of this nonsense. While I was over at RPGnet looking for posts slagging theRPGsite, I found an ad for a whole Bag O' Zombie Babes!!!!
Rar!  I am undead and sexy!  And you are a big perv!
From Twilight Creations, the same people who brought you the original Bag O'Zombies and the sequel Bag O' Zombie Dogs. These products are all ostensibly for the game Zombies!!! but I use the Bag O' Zombies my bud Pat gave me in my D&D games. They're a little small compared to regular D&D figures, but they work great for larges masses of cannon fodder. I've used the zombies as Smoldering Lemures and for the Ultimate Githyanki Slaughterfest.

By the way, I never found all the anti-theRPGsite venom I keep hearing about.