Friday, July 28, 2006

The 3 Round Massacre

A couple weeks back I posted a picture of the set-up for my next session of my D&D campaign, wherein our heroes were scheduled to fight almost a hundred githyanki. I had feared a total party kill but instead my bad guys were mercilessly slaughtered. Partly this was my fault for putting too many complicated NPCs on the field. I was not up to the task of handling four 19th level spellcasters and a pair of dragon riders. But mostly these guys fell down due to the sheer unrelenting power of four 16th level chrome-plated Gestalt killing machines. Jon happened to have his camera with him and snapped pictures as the event unfurled. Here's the beginning of round 1, with one of the dragon's flying over the mass of Gith to attack the PCs. Notice my awesome purple d30 in the foreground.

Get those PCs!
Next we have the general bum rush of Gith moving in to swording range. The poor fools.

Hi!  We'll be your mooks for today.

Darwane (Stuart's PC) drops a pair of fireballs, one of which is Maximized and Empowered, leaving a smoudering crater where a bunch of Gith once stood.


One round 2 Jon's cleric, Gregor Gunthersson, dropped a dictum spell, paralyzing all but 2 of the mooks for 9 minutes. Since they were essentially 'mobility kills' I pulled them off the board. One of the dragonriders was ganked as well, so I swapped the mini for him to a riderless green dragon.

The other dragonrider was elminated, leaving the opposition down to the 4 big bad NPCs and the dragons. None of these guys had enough AC or hit points to stand up to the party, a lesson I will not soon forget!

Gregor grows to large size, just 'cause he can. So we replace his figure with a troll. Why a troll? I just love that mini. I like in this pic how a ghostly halo appears around Angus the Half-Orc and his dwarvish cohort.

The dragons, the beguiler, and the blachguard are all slain. The sorcerer and duskblade get away thanks to the Gith plane shift ability. The PC party is all that remains standing on the field.

And finally, here's the corpses piled up next to the map!

Nest session: using the special Githyank silver swords acquired from this battle, our heroes take on the leaders of the Infernal Legion. Can the PCs save the Wild Coast from the diabolic invaders?