Friday, July 14, 2006

I Like Swords, Part 1: Encounter Critical

8-Bit Theater rules! Welcome to the first installment of a new five-part feature, I Like Swords. Pictured at the left is our ILS mascot, Fighter from 8-Bit Theater. He likes swords too. You might know Fighter as the inventor of the sword-chuk, possibly the most awesome sword idea since Immortal Scottsmen started swinging katanas.

We'll be starting this boatload of sword-related fun with three swords useable with S. John Ross's retro-awesome Encounter Critical. If you haven't checked out EC yet I'm hoping these swords will convince you that it is the only game for true scientific realism.

Computo-Sword of Vulkinia

Normally only found in the hands of elite Vulkin samurai, these deadly blades require extensive practice before any benefit is realized. (1d6 weeks of 8 hours training session, with a successful Machine Friend roll at the end of the training.) In the hands of an untrained user a Computo-Sword acts as a bastard sword with -10% chance of striking and -1 point of damage. But to someone able to take advantage of the sword's onboard multitronic brain these weapons become fearsome indeed, giving +15% chance of striking and allowing the wielder's Logic score to be used to parry blows (Logic replaces Saving Throw). Logic parrying is halved against ranged attacks and any successful parry of an energy attack (melee or ranged) results in a percentage chance of destroying the sword equal to the damage rolled.

Triple-Bladed Sword of Sorcery

It is said that the secret of constructing these blades is known to Dagramal, the noted War-Smith of Blackhawk, which he perhaps learned from his ex-father-in-law Norrek, Bladewright of Crane. Neither man will part with their most deadly tools of battle for mere money, so the number of Triple Bladed Swords in circulation is quite small. Only a warrior of at least third level may wield one of these mighty tri-swords. In such hands it allows for three attacks as one, doing 1-8, 1-6, and 1-4 points of damage each. Alternatively, the two side swords may be individually launched by a clever mechanism, out to a range of 15 inches and doing 1-8 points of damage. In melee the range of the Triple-Bladed Sword is 1" and the scare rating of this weapon is 42%.

The Doomsword of Darth Viraxis

This blade is the personal weapon of the mighty emperor of the infamous realm betwixt the Slaver Kingdoms and the Holdings of the Zombie Princess. Legend reports that Emperor Viraxis acquired this weapon during one of his many searches for the lost Crystal of Chi-Bor. It is a two-hand sword constructed of Black Hole Metal, so heavy that no being with less 17 points of Strength may wield it. It does 5-50 points of damage at a range of 2 inches with a scare rating of 82%. The 5 kryptonium gems decorating the pommel and guard of the Doomsword are worth no less than 1,000 gold credits each and may have other properties as well.