Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I Like Swords, Part 2: Mazes & Minotaurs

8-Bit Theater rules!I Like Swords continues, with three new swords for Olivier Legrand's fantabulous Mazes & Minotaurs. M&M is one of the best free PDF rpgs I've ever seen. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

Sword of Black Glass

Atlantean traders claim these weapons come from a strange land east of their home island where no metal can be found for the crafting of implements of war. When found these weapons will have a bonus to Melee Attack rolls as high as +4, but each time a wielder of a black glass sword scores maximum damage the bonus degrades by one point. This reduction in bonus continues until the sword becomes -1 to Melee Attack. The next reduction shatters the sword. Only the creators of the sword or Hephaestus himself can repair or sharpen one of these blades.

Curved Barbarian Blade

Some barbarian tribes make use of these oddly shaped swords. Against foes wearing a brestplate such weapons do one less point of damage upon a successful hit. Creatures with Natural Armor or Invulnerability are similarly protected. All other targets take one extra point of damage when struck.


Only the mysterious black-clad assassins of the Far East wield these magnificent single-edged swords. Katanas are so sharp as to be able to slice through most metals, ignoring the EDC bonus for wearing a breastplate or helmet. (Shields may still bat the blade away.) Creatures with Natural Armor or Invulerability are considered to have 4 points less EDC when attacked by these swords.


Type: Folk
Description: These deadly assassins from distant realms claim such high fees for their services that only the richest of Mythikan rulers can afford to hire them. They are unrelenting in their quest to slay an assigned target.
Number Appearing: 1d6
Size: Medium
Ferocity: Deadly
Cunning: Crafty
Mystique: Weird
Movement: 180'
Initiative: +8
Melee Attack: +9
Defense Class: 15
Danger Evasion: +14
Mystic Fortitude: +2
Special Abilities: Lightning Fast, Missile Weapons, Poison, Sharp Senses, Sixth Sense, Stealthy, Uncanny Agility, 1 in 6 Ninjoi have Psychic Powers (as a level 4 Sorcerer, 19 power points)
Glory Award: 90 (110 if Psychic)
Wisdom Award: 10 (210 if Psychic)