Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Winter War, yay!

I was halfway through a rant about online discourse turning gamers into haters and how stupid it is to divide up into camps like "mainstream gamer" and "indie gamer", but I decided that was a waste of time. Instead, I want to talk a little about something more positive and less ranty: Winter War, our local convention. Winter War 34 will be February 9th through 11th in Champaign, Illinois. The judge's form for folks want to run games is now available for download, which signals the start of the 3-month season where I drive my wife nuts obsessing about the con. Here's the essentials of the games I plan to run:

Title: Curse of Eris
System: Mazes & Minotaurs
Description: Heroes of the Bronze Age struggle to free themselves from the wrath of the goddess of discord.

This one is a re-mix of a game I ran in '92 using 2nd edition AD&D and Aaron Allston's excellent Mythic Greece sourcebook for HERO. I can't wait to try out Mazes & Minotaurs.

Title: The Revenge of Obiwan Shinobi
System: Encounter Critical
Description: Everyone's favorite elf ninja/psi-witch has returned from the Forbidden Waste and now it's payback time!

Obiwan Shinobi (the best PC name I've ever come up with, BTW) was the only survivor of my first Encounter Critical game. The cool dudes on the EC yahoo group have given me some good material for whipping up a new, equally fubared adventure.

Title: Remedial Underworlds & Unicorns
System: modified 1981 Basic/Expert D&D
Description: Come re-live the days when D&D was all about beating up orcs for beer money.

By "modified" I mean the players will be my guineau pigs for various house rules. And the Arduin Grimoire will be on the table. Otherwise, it's exactly what it looks like.