Saturday, November 18, 2006

Awesome Arduin Quote

"I've been very curious about this game over the years too. I got the Spellbook at one point, the only Arduin book I ever managed to get my hands on, and I remember that it had, as its top-level wizard spell, a spell where the spellcaster ripped open his shirt and shot out a green starburst line of energy that was 10000 feet long, and did 200 hit points damage for 1D12 seconds/rounds in that line. For each second that he did it, there was a 5% cumulative chance that he'd be consumed by the spell and turn into a dessicated skeleton, but the skeleton would continue to stand there firing the starburst until the spell was over. That spell by itself convinced me this game fucking rocked."

--RPG Pundit, on theRPGsite

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