Wednesday, December 27, 2006

My gift to you

Yeah, I know I'm a couple days late. Sorry 'bout that. Here's something you've never heard of but now desparately need:

10 pounds of radical in a 2oz bag!

Click on the silly PocketRisus logo to download a one-page Risus: the Anything RPG rulebook. In case you haven't heard me heap praise on it before, Risus is the single best rules-light generic freebie on the whole dang internet. My Pocket version doesn't include the 2 pages of optional rules, so follow the aminated button below for the complete version.

If you love the idea of carrying a supernifty roleplaying game in your shirtpocket or wallet just as much as I do, print out the pocket edition and follow these folding instructions to make your own 8-page two-and-a-half by four inch rulebook. It's wicked awesome!

Important tip: The outside margins need to be trimmed before folding. Cut around that outer rectangle on the printout and then go wild with the origami mojo.

Why yes it is, little stick figure dude.  Yes indeed.

Credit Where Credit is Totally Due Department

Risus is S. John Ross' trademark for his Anything RPG. S. John is the coolest. If you like Risus, check out his other stuff at Cumberland Games & Diversions. I wholeheartily recommend Encounter Critical, Sparks paper minis, and the Risus Companion.

PocketRisus was created with PDFtoPocketMod, a great little program that takes PDF files of up to 8 pages in length and shrinks them down to PocketMod format. You can learn more about PocketMods and grab the PDFtoPocketMod program at

I first heard about PocketMod through Microlite20, which chops d20 fantasy down to its barest essentials. The Microlite20 rulebooks are so small that the PocketMod format works great for them. That cad Doctor Rotwang! beat me to press telling you about the awesomeness that is Microlite20. But did he give you another whole PocketMod format RPG? Nope! In your face, Rotwang!