Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Last Session's Loot

This is what the gang in my game got off the bodies before the Rainbow Bridge completely shattered. I thought I'd share because this stuff is completely rad.

Hastsezini's Bow - mighty (+7 Str bonus) composite longbow +2, fiery burst, distant shot

Heimdall's Sword - bastard sword +3 vorpal, dread (vs. giants)

Surtur's Sword - colossal greatsword +5, mighty cleaving, fiery blast

Agni's Axe - large greataxe +3, speed, shocking burst, fiery burst

Head of Agni - One time between now and the final heat death of the universe the decapitated head of the god Agni may be be held aloft and compelled to utter a single word which reverberates throughout the entirety of the spacetime continuum. Whoever wields the head will have their effective spellcaster level boosted to 50 for the next spell they cast. Also all effects with caster level caps have those caps temporarily negated, allowing for such things as 50d6 fireballs. Using the Head is a move equivalent action and the follow-up spell must be cast either the round the Head is activated or the following round. Woe unto he who activates the head but does not cast a spell. Once the Word of Agni is released that energy must be used or the wielder's soul will be consumed with the fires of creation itself.