Friday, December 01, 2006

A brief transcript

My Wife Amy: While you were at your game last week A Charlie Brown Christmas was on. I tried to get Elizabeth to come watch it, but she was too busy playing her Dora computer game. What's wrong with her?

Me: We've got that on DVD now. She can watch it 365 days in a row if she wants. It's not like when we were kids and if Charlie Brown Christmas or Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer were on you came a-running, cause you couldn't risk missing it.

Amy: Yeah, but there's still something special about the network broadcast!

Me: Speaking of Rudolf, we should get that on DVD.

Amy: I dunno. I never much cared for Rudolf.

Me: Well, what I really want is The Adventures of Yukon Cornelius.

Amy: ...

Me: Except that show doesn't exist.

Amy: [dirty look]

Me: Did you know Yukon Cornelius once wrestled the Abominable Snowman? And they both went over a cliff?

Amy: [rolling eyes] Yeah, I know.

Me: That guy is awesome.