Friday, July 08, 2011

still thinking about elvish longevity

The top bar represents the historical rulers of Wessex (and later England) from the first known Wessex lord, Cerdic, who ruled starting in 519AD.  Each color change represents a change in dynasty.

The middle bar represents the rule of the Elf Queen, assuming that elves have approximate 10 times the average lifespan of humans and their rulers reign for about 10 times as long.  Each color change represents a new queen. 

The bottom bar represents dwarf kings, at roughly 4 times the longevity/reign of human rulers.  The names not swiped from The Hobbit are inspired by Snow White: Gloin the Dreamer is Sleepy, Bibur the Reticent is Bashful and Dubin the Foolish equals Dopey.