Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mr. T hates treants

Today I wanted to post a pic from that A-Team where Mr. T enters the lair of the bad guys by chainsawing through their wall, as it was one of the most ridiculous things I remember from the show.  Instead I found this photoshop made in commemoration of 1987 incident were Mr. T bought a mansion in a Chicago suburb and personally chainsawed down a bunch of trees.  I don't pretend to understand Chicago or the thought processes of people who live in mansions, but the new guy in the neighborhood landscaping his own property annoyed the neighbors so much they passed an ordinance barring such actions in the future.  Here's the retrospective on the incident that originally posted this image.


  1. That was in Wadsworth, right? I remember hearing about that. True story: my aunt lives near that mansion.

    I didn't say it'd be a good story.

  2. That was around the time he became a special referee for the WWF (now WWE). In an interview with Mean Gene, he claimed he was doing it to get ready to ref the match between Hulk Hogan and randy Savage for the World Title at the Rosemont Horizon.

    Which makes even less sense than doing it for no reason, granted. But that's what he said on Wrestling Challenge.

  3. I've been having to use a chainsaw to cut up a bunch of trees and limbs that have fallen from the recent storms. I have told people that I've been "getting all Mr. T up in this bitch." The vast majority of people actually know what I mean when I say that. I was 7 when it happened, but I clearly remember all the drama around it.

    Moral of the story: If you want to be able to do what you want to your own property that you bought and paid for, don't move to Lake Forest.